Out of office transport

Large Events can be a minefield (Don’t walk into one without reading this first)

At Beeline we know the event and conference industry and have a leading transportation expert on hand to provide coach, mini-bus, chauffeur driven services and logistics management to conferences, corporate, sporting, music events, air/trade shows and any other event you might be planning throughout the UK.

We utilise the largest network of coaches and chauffeur driven cars in the UK to cater for all transportation requirements.

We understand the complex logistical demands of large events, conferences and trade shows making each event unique in managerial terms. We have therefore developed a unique tailored ground transportation solution geared towards always delivering on our promises.

A one stop shop for all your business needs

More than the traditional transportation company, we actively participate towards the success of our client’s events and always go the extra mile to offer the best-in-class service.

Whether you have a large multi vehicle requirement, or simply a coach to the match, Beeline is the ideal partner.

We offer the same level of professional and efficient service to organisations, small businesses or individuals. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements or email me direct at to discuss in more detail.

A large event can be a very challenging thing to organise so don’t just book any old coach company (Be very picky and don’t book on price alone or you could end up left high and dry)